Capturing the moment. Performance-led stories mix with the occasional absurdity of life. Just as it should be. 

Happy, collaborative film sets that get the best out of everyone.

Love sunflowers. Rarely seen on set without a coffee. Once got shot at for taking someone's portrait. Grew up in London. Hung out with the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas. Best friends with a Barn Owl. Love working with talented, creative people.

20 years shooting brands as varied as Nike, Coca-Cola, Shell, Ford, Pantene, Dove, Google & KFC. Awarded at Cannes, BTAs, D&ADs, Kinsale & Adfest amongst others. 

Still believe we should love what we do, we're lucky to do it. Working globally, currently based in Asia and loving every second. 

Contact for representation. 

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